Apple TV Update

Hi there. Running the new beta, and the Apple TV wants to do an update to the Apple TV software (4.2.2), but it doesn’t complete properly and exits.

I know I can turn off automatic updates from Apple - however I don’t want to get left behind with the apple software.

Whilst the apple supports lists the updates in 4.2.2 as minor, the 4.2 updates was substantial, and when the next substantial one occurs I want to keep up.

Is there a work around so that I can get both the apple updates to work without having to uninstall everything (ie. reset to default) and then reinstall firecore??

Any help appreciated.





I do not believe so.

As far as I know installing an Apple TV update involves losing your current Jailbreak and any settings/software associated with that Jailbreak.

Unfortunately anytime the AppleTV is updated aTV Flash (black) will need to be reinstalled.

The good news is if you re-jailbreak with the latest version of Seas0nPass the latest 4.2.2 AppleTV software will be installed automatically.

I apologize for my ignorance but does this mean I will need to restore the aTV2 every time there’s an ATV update from apple?  I’m specifically having the problem described above and have been able to do other updates straight through the ATV on my TV.  The 4.2.2 update loads but stops and tells me it’s ‘Update was not successful’.

If the answer is ‘yes, I need to do an ATV restore’, will I then need to re-jailbreak, etc.  I figured I would only need to jailbreak once and then update as I went.  Maybe I’m making it harder than it is but thought I’d ask.

Anytime an update, restore or jailbreak is performed aTV Flash (black) will need to be re-installed.

Running the latest version of Seas0nPass to re-jailbreak will also update your AppleTV to the latest 4.2.2 software.

Regarding the setting for updates. I presume you have to disable it in Settings. Any problem in Not updating if everything is owrking OK? I can manually update couple of times a year. But even that, why do it? If its working for what you want?


In theory, if everything is working to your liking you never have to update the AppleTV. However, if you choose to re-jailbreak (and update) the AppleTV with Seas0nPass, the update setting under Maintenance will not matter.

Hi there

I think the setting about disabling apple updates in the maintenance menu is confusing. 

What does ‘enable’ mean? Does it enable apple updates or does it enable protection against it?

Better would be to rename it the item to allow apple update or to make an item: protect against… with reverse settings, or to keep the current name but change enable in ‘allow’