Apple TV Update today - do it or wait? Can we get confirmation from FireCore?

Looks like Apple released an update to the Apple TV today that enables bluetooth keyboard usage, among other things. This is a feature that greatly excites me but I’ve been burned before and I won’t do a thing until FireCore “blesses” the update. Please let us know if we can proceed with the update!

Yep +1.  Would like to get this new Apple 5.2 release and use it.



If you go to the 5.2 release at the momnt then you will lose your jailbreak (and thus ATV Flash).

I expect there will be a delay before a jailbreak is available (bear in mind there is still not an untethered jailbreak for the 5.1 firmware). There are some nice new features in the 5.2 firmware, so I hope the delay is not too long.

true, but there’s already talk that the jailbreak will be made available this weekend.