Apple TV UI for iOS

Any change that the iPad app will get the same UI used in the Apple TV? I know it may not be a very popular request, but I personally find the latest ATV interface much cleaner, more intuitive and complete than the one in the tablet.

Are there any specific items from tvOS you would like to see on iOS?

Both platforms have similar layouts, but some elements are more suitable for the big screen and probably wouldn’t transfer well if implemented in the exact same way on iOS.

Well, yes. I realise some iPads have a quite small screen, still I think in landscape view the main screen as it is in the Apple TV could fit. For example in the iPad i feel the top shelf video are far too big. And the way the main screen is generally organised in the ATV is cleaner. I mean, with all sections in one screen instead of tabs for Film/TV Shows/Other and then the subsections selectable by the users. The posters in the iPad could still be vertical (I would prefer them horizontal, if it wasn’t for the less info in the banners. They feel quite anonymous in the ATV).

Then if there is any chance to have a layout similar to the one of ATV when clicking a movie or a TV Show. But it’s true I realise only now that the list of items in the bottom may get too small in the iPad (still there would be plenty of space enlarging the window). About the plot it could be cut but clickable if one really wants to read all of it. Lets’ say my idea would be more graphics/pictures and less text.

Basically as it is now the Infuse app for iPad looks more like Plex for IPad (which is… meh) than Infuse for ATV. In general I’d love to have a layout similar to the one in the ATV, with the same “logic”. But again, they are just suggestions. It’s just that when I first opened the iPad’s app I felt a bit confused and in my opinion the ATV layout is the way to go.

PS: on the other way around I wouldn’t mind at all a “Library Refresh” button in the ATV app!! Like in the iPad. :slight_smile:

Actually James,
I realised I wrote too much (I tend to get logorrheic). Forget the previous post. What I’d like is simple:

  • The main screen should show all media content (movies/tv shows/others), like in the Apple TV. I personally find the 3 tabs unnecessary and the last ATV UI is great, I love how it is organised. I believe Plex moved in that direction as well in the last client update for iPads published right in these days.
  • Clicking a TV Show I’d prefer to have a list of posters instead of the anonymous numbers.

I mean, 80% of it is more aesthetic than else, but a cleaner look always helps! :slight_smile:

Specific to using the Library, I really prefer the layout in the iPad instead. True. The ATV is cleaner, but the primary use of the Library to search for something. In fact, I primarily use the iPad for searching a movie. Then, go to the Apple TV and launch the movie. The Apple TV library layout feels clunky and dated. The scrolling movie thing is sooo 2012. Besides who uses the scrolling function anyway. Or has the patience for it.
Here is why I prefer the iPad library versus the Apple TV library. In ATV Library, one selects Movies or TV Shows or whatever Library you have. Then, select the category, like “Recently Added,” then scroll around. If you want to see another category, for example, “Unwatched”. You have to exit the current category then select another category. In the iPad, it is much easier to get an overview and find something quickly. You simply scroll down to a category, the scroll left or right to see the list of movies in the category. No in and out – No scrolling movies – Pure Bliss.
May I request that we change the TvOS Library layout to be like the iPad Library layout?