Apple TV Sync failed

I have a problem because my Apple TV doesnt Sync into my iCloud from the iPad, i dont know what can i do

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Sorry you’re having a problem, first thing is to make sure both are signed into the same iCloud account and also that the ATV has the primary user as the one who is subscribed to Infuse and signed in to iCloud.

It also helps if you post the version numbers for both Infuse and the tvOS.

I was watching that and my Apple TV is logged with my iCloud and my Apple TV has like main my Main account.

My Apple tv has TVos 16.2

My infuse version is 7.4.10

On the ATV when you go to Settings > Library what do you see on the "Sync with iCloud…) message?

What happens if you click that button after you note what it says?

What message do you see on the left side of that screen below the movies, tv shows, other headings?