Apple TV streaming from Time Capsule


I have a setup consisting of a Time Capsule with all my music, photos and videos. I also have a MacBook (that is not always at home) and since 2 days ago also a Apple TV. I soon realized that the setup I planned (just streaming the contents from my TC to ATV) didn’t work. So I bought the ATV Flash thinking that this might solve my problems, but I can’t really figure out how it works.

I managed to mount my TC using XBMC (SMB) and could play both music and videos through this, but this interface is a little too complicated for my wife and I would like to use the original ATV interface.

Is there any way to make the built in menu options (Music, Pictures, Videos) to stream from my TC so that it works exactly as if I had synced the files via ITunes (I’m ready to pay for it…)? I’ve understood that eg NitoTV enables me to mount and play videos from TC, but I want that also to include my photos and music.

Any ideas?

Sincerely yours,

Roger Olofsson

I just posted this on another topic. The easiest way for your wife might be to use the Files menu or the DVD menu. You should be able to connect to your network share in the DVD menu.