APPLE TV Sometimes Freezes


I am getting frozen menu every now and then.  When I scroll down to check for updates, plugins on the ATV Freezes.  The Only way to unfreeze it is to turn the power off and on.

Is this possibly a minor bug in ATVFLASH ? or is it the ATV itself. ???


Some nights I have to reset it 3-4times other nights its fine. Playing and pausing is fine, but scrolling throughout the main menu is where I hit this problem.


Any Ideas ???



 - Mike

This is happening to me as well, with the recent upgrade to 4.1.5. Freezes on Plugins and Nito TV settings. Happened after I installed and ran smart installer. There appears to be something wrong with this build.

This happens to me when playing content too.  A couple of days ago I installed aTV Flash for the first time and this behavior is new, so it is not the aTV itself.

Hopefully they find the bug in this build and fix it soon.

New user here haven exact same problem. Device also seems slow and mkv files don’t run smoothly .

The 4.2 update of aTV Flash had a number of improvements that should help performance.  You will want to ensure everything is up to date through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu.

I have the same problem however I have been trying to update to the latest but it always fails when I try to update.

How else Can I update?

I'd recommend downloading the 4.2 version from your account and reinstalling.  This will give you a 'fresh' installation of the aTV Flash apps.

I’ve done that several times… rebuilt flash stick several times and factory system restore and system update to 3.02. The problem is with aTV Flash. The older version of aTV Flash worked well. Updating using the system update as well as a fresh install with the latest version still has issues. You guys need to fix the problem with your newer versions from 4.15 to 4.2.