Apple TV Sleep Timeout Changing

I am having a problem that the Apple TV’s sleep timeout and screensaver timeout are being reset to Never. I can reset them back to the timeouts that I want, but within a day or two I am finding that the Apple TV doesn’t sleep by itself anymore. I wouldn’t worry about it, but my wife freaks cause the light is on and that means it’s on and she wants it off…wives will be wives.

Anyways, I jailbreaked 4.4.4 untethered using the newest Seas0nPass. Immediately after jailbreaking, I installed aTV Black 1.1.1. I installed nitoTV, Overflow, Couch Surfer Pro, XBMC, and remoteHD. I’ve tried removing the items 1 at a time to see which might be causing the problem, however it’s unpredictable as to when the settings are reset to Never.

The file that is being changed I believe is /User/Library/Preferences/ There are two keys in there for the different timeouts.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so what is the fix? I can’t seem to figure out what might be causing the problem.


Found it… It’s XBMC. On start, XBMC sets them to Never. When it closes it resets them back to where they were. If XBMC crashes, then it never gets reset.


Now to pester XBMC forum to see if there is a fix… :slight_smile:

Interesting. Thanks for following up.

I found a possible workaround in the XBMC forums. They are saying it has to do with the MovieDB crashing XBMC. A user on that forum posted a temporary fix listed below.


yeah its the db update issue…
here is how i resolved it for now…
disable auto updates on your appletv2


either press the left or right button on your remote and small menu pop-us…you will see Auto Update there, make sure its not lit blue

for the time being, it seems that its safe to do any other update that is not related to “db”