Apple TV Settings for Infuse Pro

Hi everyone, I have an Apple TV 4K, and I wanted to know which settings to use for playing videos off of Infuse.

These are my current settings:
TV → Samsung RU7100 (4K UHD)
Format → 4K SDR
HDMI Output → YCbCr
Chrome: 4:2:0
Match Range → Yes
Match Frame Rate → Yes

I’m planning to get a new TV soon (Sony QD-OLED), and I’ve read that we should always keep the format in 4K SDR because streaming services don’t switch from HDR to SDR when the content changes from HDR to SDR, which causes blown out/bad quality picture.

Is this something for me to take seriously with Infuse specifically? Aka, if I have a Dolby Vision file that I’m trying to play on Infuse, but then switch to SDR content, will Infuse be able to make that switch accurately?

Thanks for your time!

You can keep the video output settings set to whatever you prefer. As long as the Match Content options remain on, Infuse will always switch to the appropriate mode to match the content being played.


Thanks James!

I kindly suggest you to set ATV video output to RGB high as the YCbCr output isn’t accurate and brings on the picture an undesirable green cast on SDR content. Read HERE for further information.
Probably, you will have to set your TV black level settings to the correct option if you notice elevated blacks.

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