Apple TV Seems toRevert Back ton Factory after being Jail Broken

Lately this is happening more than ever.  Happened once or twice in the past but now it is happening a lot.  I Jail Break an Apple TV 2nd Gen just like I always do, load it as I always do but then my friend takes it home and connects it they call me and say its like I did nothing to it.


Before I load the Jailbreak patch I first do a factory restore with itunes, then I load the latest patch.  Everything looks good when I am done but when my friend takes it home and hooks it up, the jail break is gone and xbmc is gone and it is back like it was purchased new.



are you sure your friend/customer isn’t screwing you


Cute.  Not a customer, I don’t do this for money.  No.  I do know that it seems to only happen when they connecting WiFi and not via Ethernet.  I think I figured out the solution.


Hey Clarence, I don’t know you at all but my first impression is that you are a complete MORON!!!



ya here’s the solution, have them buy there on license for the atv flash.

@douglasr.9466   what an obnoxious thing to say to someone who has a valid point.  no way it is reverting unless your “friend” is somehow loading original firmware.

I would say it is you who is the “MORON” as you are the one with the problem.


Nobody is screwing me, as I said, I don’t do this for money, I do it for my friends.  But I figured out why it is happening and have solved the issue.

Boy oh boy, its raining morons in this forum.  Stay out of my thread!


No only one and that would be you.




Just randomly happened on this thread. It’s quite appalling to me how some people, once they can hide behind a nickname and remain for all intents and purposes totally anonymous, suddenly become total assholes, just because they can.

As far as I can see, Clarence said nothing whatsoever to offend “douglas.9466” that indicates that he (Clarence) is deserving of the epithet “moron.” Tell me, “douglas.9466”, would you walk up to a teller in a bank, say, who asked for some ID to cash your check, say, and say out loud so that everyone could hear, “I don’t know you, but you seem to be a complete moron”?

This is not YOUR thread any more than this is YOUR forum, any more than this is YOUR Internet, so I suggest you get a radical attitude readjustment – a punch in the face ought to do it – and maybe next time think twice before calling someone you “don’t know” a moron.

Thinking about it, though, you’re probably 13 years old and don’t know any better, however, I would suggest that you not go through life calling people you don’t know “moron” because some very, very bad things can happen to you that you least expect when you do things like that. You’ll just have to trust me on that one.



You can have this thread.  Its all yours.  I solved the issue.  Sorry I started it.  As far as a punch in the nose goes I sure hope you hit hard.