Apple TV sale

32GB also dropped a few bucks. Best ever price

If I had a crystal ball I’d be looking for a new ATV with all of the stock being cleared out.

Probably just wishful thinking…

One other possibility, discontinuing the ATV all together? :man_shrugging:

Considering this is a 2021 model, it would be strange for apple to do either but we’ll see. Maybe they finally realized that it is hard to sell a $200 streaming box.

Another possibility, lowering stock of the HD and 4K versions now before a new low end “Apple Dongle” is released that would normally cannibalize the more expensive sales unless those users who were waiting for a low end ATV just bought a regular version on sale.

And another all time low. $79 for a new ATV HD and $110 for a ATV4K?

Something is blowing in the wind…

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Just stop teasing

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I don’t have to worry about it. My credit card is backed into a corner snarling and snapping.


Mine sits in the same corner whimpering about neglect.

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Wow. 3rd gen 64gb version starting at the lowest ever Amazon price of the 2nd gen 64gb version.

Not too shabby.

Glad I didn’t bite and upgrade my 1st gen 4Ks during recent sales.

Good call, but no dongle! Legit more capable device but also at a much lower initial price. How often does Apple do something like that?

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Surprisingly, over the years since 85 it’s happened quite often. Especially in their early computers. :wink:


Honestly I see it as nothing major to bite the bullet to upgrade from those with last years model. (Unless they have a Samsung or other HDR10+ friendly tv)

For those new to Apple devices previously put off the price range then it’s probably a kick-ass upgrade.

I’m probably missing something and I often do?

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now is the time to buy a 2021 model if you don’t want the latest model. $99.99 for 32GB and $119.99 for 64GB on Amazon.

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2022 64GB model is already on sale for $124.99 on Amazon

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64GB 2021 4K is $114 on Amazon

Black Friday sale roundup

Amazon Sale on 2022 model: 128GB with Ethernet $139

2nd gen 4K 64GB, $100

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