Apple TV Restoring in Itunes is endless

When I try to jailbreak my apple TV 2 using season pass, when I connect it in DFU mode and the message: “Restoring in iTunes. Please wait while script is running…” after itunes is automatically opened and displays my apple TV logo on the left but nothing happens after that.

It looks like the Script is not running or I dont know if something else is blocking.


I am on MAC OX 10.7.5 and using iTunes 11.0.2


Please advise on how to solve this and jailbreak the apple tv automatically.


tx a lot in advance


well at this point it doesn’t matter any more because apple isn’t signing it


Any idea whats happening? how can I solve this issue?

I estimate that the restore process is not even initiated on Itunes as there is no activity at all (bit no freeze, working normally)


it doesn’t matter, if itunes on your computer was working you still could not complete the process. just don’t up date to the newest firmware and you will be okay

Can you give more details? I’ve attached a picture of what I get when I right click on the create IPSW in season pass window.




Same here, “Restoring in iTunes…” is sitting there for an hour now

(see attachment)



I managed to solve the Itunes running script issue by rolling back to Itunes 10.1 and not using the Itunes 11 version.

But now I am facing a new problem after extracting the file in iTunes, I receive the following:


“The apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build”.

Now i think I am just one step away for jailbreaking my apple TV if I solve this issue.

Any help on how to solve this last issue? I think there is a software called tiny umbrella nut not sure how to use it or if you have any other proposal.



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