Apple TV Restarts when i go to website with FLASH Content

I tried to use the couch surfer and it seems to be working only for NON Flash websites, when i go to a website and click on any link which needs Flash my Apple TV Restarts, However when i go to ,i it works fine
Anyidea what i am doing wrong?

thanks in Advance

Unfortunately Flash is not enabled by default.

Flash can be enabled by following the guide located at:

I did all that, that is why is working, Can you verify if this Indian news website works on your apple TV,

Looks to me there is no support available…

Sorry I’ve been very busy with my 9-5 job and have not been online that much. I can’t tell you how to fix it other than restoring the Apple TV and loading the patch and Adobe Flash again. My guess for that specific site is it is possibly just too much info for Couch Surfer to handle. Which version of Couch Surfer are you using?

My Couch surfer version is 0.6 (2.x) 12/5/08
let me know if you need more information.
BTW my ATV restarts whenever i try any website with Flash content

Some sites are more prone to crashing couch surfer than others… - crashes -does not crash - does not crash

I was actually able to get the flash mlb media player to work, and play a game! It choked on being able to enter my username and password into the flash app though…

I may try firefox for that.