Apple TV remote wont change menus... Help Me Restore?

OK… so I installed XBMC and BOXEE using the instructions provided in the forums… That worked fine, I didnt really dig either program but that is neither here nor there… After playing with the programs and exiting out of them I decided to do a fresh reformat of my appleTV, so I unplugged it so that I could unplug my USB Drive. When apple TV restarted my plan was to go into settings and do a system restore… Well now my remote will not move to the different menus… when I push a button on the remote the white light on the front of my appleTV changes color… So I know it is getting a signal… But nothing on the screen happens… Is there some secret way to do a restore. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for bailing me out once again. You guys are awesome!

Well I didnt figure out what caused it… but I did finally trick my apple tv into safe mode… by unplugging it and then when the apple logo popped up I held the remote buttons to - and menu and got to restore that way… I need to quit tinkering with this thing or im going to end up breaking something. hahaha.

I’m having the same problem; after playing with Boxee and XBMC, the Apple Remote won’t work! All I get is little beeps and clicks but no response. Once the screensaver kicks in, I have to kill the Finder to get anything back.

Is there a clean way to remove XBMC and/or Boxee?

Removing the Boxee app (from /Applications) fixed the Apple Remote problem.

Boxee and xbmc seem to have a problem with the apple remote. Here’s how to fix it from the boxee support forum:

login to the appletv via ssh as normal

launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/tv.boxee.helper.plist
sudo rm ~/Library/LaunchAgents/tv.boxee.helper.plist
(enter ‘frontrow’ as the password when prompted by ‘sudo’

You may need a reboot, but this fixed it for me.

Hold down your << button together with the menu button for few seconds, you will see a symbol of pairing on your screen and the remote should work after.