Apple TV Remote and Chapters/Rewind

Hello. I am running the most current version of InFuse on Apple TV.
I’m very new to the Infuse world, I’m just starting to understand all of the features.

I have discovered that it is possible to toggle the right/left press buttons to either move by chapter or by a set number of seconds.
However, I am desperately trying to be able to do both.

My situation is: I’m using ComSkip to index my commercials by chapter. This works some of the time but not all.
I would typically like to (quickly) move to the next chapter when a commercial starts … but sometimes I need to move slightly forward or in reverse after that if the commercial marker was incorrect.

Since I can’t see any preview window during scrubbing … it’s pretty useless to just drag the current time forward or backward. I have no real way of knowing where I want to be until I get there.

Are there gestures on the Siri remote that I’m not aware of?
Any ideas on this?


Currently the only options are to switch between 10s skip and chapter skip via Settings.

There may be some additional options we look at adding at some point in the future, but our primary goal is to keep the controls similar to how the native player works, so as not to cause confusion.

Thanks for this response.

I don’t want to chat up the competition, but “someone else” does rewind/ff with click left and right and chapter up/down with click top and bottom.
This is a good way to maximize capabilities without contradicting anything that the native player would do (which I agree would cause confusion).

Please consider being better than native. :slight_smile:


Any chance you may add the double touch in the middle to automatically zoom the picture when not in 16:9? I am not sure if it is standard, but Amazon Prime Video (and I think another app, but I don’t remember which, now) has it.

Also, the Kodi player (at least with a skin I use), skips just tapping the left or right. Maybe you may add it for people choosing the chapter skipping when clicking left/right? Or make it as an extra option, then selecting between the two click’s behaviours in the options like you do now. I’d personally love it.

Necroing this post, as I have a feeling it would be merged anyway if I didn’t.

PLEASE add some capability regarding this. It works beautifully with my Harmony remote, but with the actual siri remote, it chafes my hide daily.

Single tap for jump & double tap (or long press) for chapter skip?
Something involving up/down taps for chapters & left/right for jumps?
I’d even settle for just adding skip buttons to the UI, exterior to the jump buttons.

I have been meaning to try out the latest Siri remote that revived the clickwheel - support for this (if the remote doesn’t just work natively as a scrubber) would also be welcome.