Apple TV Quick Media Switching

Hi :blush:

If someone owns an AppleTV (2022) and one of the new LG 2023 TVs, please test the new QMS (Quick Media Switching) intensively and report if QMS works.
(I unfortunately can’t test it, because I have no LG-TV, but I’m very curious about this and if it works correctly…)

You just have to activate it on the LG and the AppleTV and then the Framerate should switch dynamically without black dropouts.

But attention! It’s not working when changing the DynamicRange (for example from SDR to HDR or DolbyVision). It works only if the Framerate is changing, but SDR remains continuous!

On AppleTV 2022 simply activate it under “Video and Audio” > “Match Content”:

On the LG simply activate it under "HDMI Settings“:


I don’t think that is supposed to work, right? This is just an extension of VRR, so just frame rates.

Yes it’s for Framerates only (no HDR to DolbyVision Switching for example).

But I use SDR only, so this would be a nice Feature for me :wink::+1:

I’m very curious if someone responds and test it out with an new LG TV :blush:
Hopefully this Feature is coming to Sony, too

Is this feature in the 16.4 beta?

According to the information I have from the AVS-Forum, the “Quick Media Switching” option seems to appear on compatible TVs under tvOS 16.4.

I can’t test it, because my older Sony A90J is not QMS-compatible.
But I am very curious to hear if it works from the owners of the new LG 2023 TVs :wink::+1:

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Is here still no LG 2023 TV Owner? :blush:

I have an LG!


Maybe they are waiting for a price drop or two

QMS is now available :partying_face::tada::+1:

It seams it’s working perfectly with Framerate-Switching (DynamicRange Switching is still not without Blackscreen, but the Blackscreen is much shorter visible) :+1:

Hi :slight_smile:
Does anyone here have an LG G3, C3 or Z3 and an AppleTV 2022?

I have a further question about QMS and looking for someone who could do a short Test :wink:

Here is my Question:
What happens if you playback a 25fps Videofile (or an 30fps Videofile) in Infuse?

=> Is this File played with 25Hz or 50Hz? (doubled Framerate for smoother Timeline and Menue-Overlay)

Something other than QMS?

Yes about QMS.
I don’t understand why this great Feature is so extremely hushed up… It’s a wonderful Addition, but it’s incredibly difficult to find out Informations about it.

Because 1) 2023 models are still very new and 2) it doesn’t fast switch between SDR and HDR just with frame rates, so only half baked.

Yes, but the new Models are available now since 2 months. So there should be some Owners here in the Forum :wink:

That’s not really „half baked“, because it was known from beginning that only the Framerate get switched with QMS. So it does what it should :sweat_smile::+1:

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I received my new LG C3 today, QMS seems to be working great.

The ‘VRR Information’ menu on the TV shows that it’s switching to the correct frame rate in Infuse and in other apps.

The only problem is Infuse still shows a black screen for a couple seconds before it starts playing anything. There’s no black screen after playback ends, so that’s definitely faster. But I’m not sure why there’s one at the start of playback. Testing the same video files in the Emby app, there’s no black screen at the start of playback (there was on my old TV).

@james Any idea why I’m seeing this behaviour? I know this isn’t a priority, but Infuse is the only app I’m seeing this in, every other app is now starting playback instantly with QMS.

Some other things of note.

According to the VRR Information menu on the TV:
23.97 fps content plays at 23.97 fps.
24 fps content plays at 24 fps.
25 fps content plays at 50 fps.
30 fps content plays at 60 fps.

Which all seems good to me.

One annoyance, I have my HDMI Output set to RGB High in the Apple TV settings (because of the YCbCr setting being famously inaccurate).
But now when I play certain content, QMS doesn’t work and the TV goes black, as the Apple TV switches from RGB High into YCbCr mode. This only seems to happen with certain content, and I can’t figure out what it is about that content that makes the Apple TV switch settings.
I’ll probably leave it set to YCbCr now, as otherwise I’m only taking advantage of QMS with some content but not others.

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Ok great :wink::+1:

About the Blackscreen:
That means if you set it to YCbCr then no 4sec Blackscreen appear?
Then it’s maybe switch internally from YCbCr to RGB…

But if you say it’s not happens with other Apps, so it hopefully could simply fixed directly in Infuse!

Infuse does a 4-second black screen before playback of every video.

If I turn off Frame Rate Matching, there is no black screen before playback. So I assume Infuse is putting in a black screen, as it waits for your TV to switch frame rates? @james it would be great if this could be manually disabled now that QMS exists (or better yet, automatically disabled if you have QMS enabled, if that’s possible?)

It’s definitely Infuse doing this; as if I play the same video files in the Emby app, they start playing immediately. And both Infuse and Emby are using QMS, according to the TV’s VRR Information screen - it shows the frame rate adjusting instantly.

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The Infuse black screen is not related to the YCbCr issue.

The Infuse black screen occurs even though the TV is correctly using QMS, the TV has not gone black.

But keeping my setting of RGB High prevents QMS from working in some cases (in all apps, including Infuse), as the TV has to switch back to YCbCr for some reason, which causes the TV to go black. The VRR Information menu on the TV goes blank in this case, which shows that QMS is not occurring.

This is an Apple TV issue, not an Infuse issue.

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James, could you please correct this Behavior? So we can use QMS correctly with Infuse? :wink::+1: