Apple TV Plex network and CPU usage

I’m trying to use infuse on Apple TV with my local Plex server, it appears to work but a couple of things are acting up:

  • Remote/UI and volume controls are sluggish when a video is playing, it’s like the Apple TV has really high CPU usage but I’m not sure how to confirm that.
  • I can see the video is direct streaming on the Plex web UI, but the network usage according to Plex is much higher than expected, like 10x what it should be.

I’m not sure if these two problems are connected, but it does make Plex unusable for me. Any one seeing similar or have any advice?

For the first, are you using Apple TV remote? Sometimes other devices cause interference and slow down the Bluetooth response. See if you use your phone remote app if it is the same.

How is your Apple TV connected? If it is WiFi that could explain an increased plex usage if it has to do repeated calls. Although 10x sounds like a lot. Maybe someone who has plex can comment on their experience.

Both the apple remote and my TV remote working via HDMI CEC are slow, it really feels like the whole Apple TV is lagging.

I am using WiFi, but that shouldn’t be a problem. If I use the Plex client on the same Apple TV I don’t have these issues, but I’m trying to use Infuse to get round some HDR playback problems in the standard Plex client.

I can also play the same files over SMB problem free, but then I lose the media management aspects of Plex

Oh interesting, I’ve switched the stream cache setting to “memory only” and the problems have disappeared.

It now just does a short burst of network traffic when the video starts, presumably to fill up the buffer/cache and no lagging UI.

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