Apple Tv not responding since last update

I’ve updated my apple tv with the latest update and now I can seem to be able to open up my apple tv. Even after rebooting, nothing works. Should I install a previous version?



It is not clear what you updated?

Do you mean that you tried to apply an Apple update on your ATV2 that you had previously jailbroken? If so this would completely mess things up as the In-situ Apple updates do not work properly on jailbroken systems. The recovery is to redo the jailbreak process using the latest SeasonPass.

In fact, I’ve apdated fire core to the latest version. Now my apple Tv doesn’t boot up.

I just updated to 1.2 via maintenance.

Reboot because it hang and now it starts and on nitoTV field and stuck can move to any other fields.

Any help?