Apple TV Not Connecting To Apple Time Capsule

Good Afternoon Everyone,

After a power outage lasting for about 30 seconds, everything in the house reset including router, Apple TV(Version 4, iosTV 11.0), and Apple Time Capsule. I currently run Infuse 5 Pro to connect my media from my Time Capsule to my Apple TV.

Problem: Upon completion of the “Reset” everything seems to be ok except for the communication between infuse and the Time Capsule file share. I get an Error explaining the two cannot communicate. This has happened plenty of time in the past and I cannot find any “Quick Fix”.

Solve: For me this is a last resort do to the time and effort involved (30 Minutes). I completely reset my Apple Time Capsule by unplugging, sticking a pin in the back reset but, holding it in while plugging the power back in the Time Capsule, wait till it blinks then letting go. I then connect my Mac to the Time Capsule Via Ethernet(with ethernet adapter to my Mac Book Pro) and have to open Airport Utility to reintroduce and reprogram my router back into my network.

Note: You will not lose your data on the hard drive when conducting this reset/reprogram operation. You will just have to rename, redo passwords, and reset Network information just like it was right out of the box(factory).

Once this operation is complete, I go to Infuse, forget my old file share and re-add the Time Capsule fileshare again.

Work solid overtime but is a pain.

Im sure this is a last resort for most of you but this could also be re-assurance for some who think that they may lose everything. Trust that you will not lose anything and everything will work like new.