Apple TV not booting with USB HDD

I am using a 2TB external USB drive as external storage for movies. It worked for some days, but now my Apple TV is no longer booting when the external USB is on. The drive is fat32 and I got Smart Installer installed.

When I try to turn on the Apple TV, I get the Apple logo on the screen. It stays for some seconds, then it disappears twice for a glimpse. Then it stays on the screen.

Thanks for your help!

I have a 1TB hard drive with the same problem!!!!!

same problem  :(

just the same problem


I had same problem and was unable to get my unit to restore to factory defaults until I totally disconnected the drive, restarted ATV, then restored to FD, then reloaded aTV Flash and everything started working again.  Hope this helps… Rob

Had the same with a WD 1TB, ended re-installing 3 times, once working with HDD as primary store the TV takes forever to start, so defaulted to internal again, really annoying as the only reason I installed ATV was for the HDD.

same probiem