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I am not really sure what to do. A friend told me to get apple tv and then get the tav flash through here. I ordered all of the above. Then I get the apple tv and the download link and it appears that you can’t use this on the latest version of apple tv? Is this correct? if so, why not? I just spent $140.00 to make this happen and not really sure what to do now… Can someone help me.

To quote the Firecore blog, “No one is more anxious than us to get the ATV3 opened up to 3rd party apps…” That was over two years ago. I think that Firecore has forgotten they ever said this since they introduced the Infuse app for iPhone and iPad. Infuse is their shiny new toy. Never mind that they wouldn’t have been able to launch Infuse without first releasing the ATV app for jailbroken ATVs. I can’t see any commitment whatsoever for jailbreaking ATV 3. If Firecore’s revenue stream depended on jailbreaking ATV3, it would have happened long ago. I think that this is proof that almost anyone else besides Firecore is more anxious to open up ATV3 to 3rd party apps.

Could be happening…

(2 years later…)
Looks like someone else was more ambitious than Firecore…
Now maybe Firecore can make Infuse available for ATV 3rd gen.

It says 3rd gen, but if you read through the article, the instructions are for 4th gen.

So, are we still stuck with 3rd Gens which cannot be jailbroken?

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