Apple TV multi User and Jellyfin


In our family we each have a personal Jellyfin account.
We also have Infuse installed on our devices (iPhone etc.) with iCloud sync turned on.
We are in an Apple Family, each with his/her own account.

So what I would like to do is select my account on the Apple TV (multi account) and have Infuse automatically use my Jellyfin user (aka use my iCloud config).

Is that possible? If not, is it planned?

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On Apple TV Infuse needs to be logged in via the default user since that’s the only one that has iCloud sync.

That’s too bad, cause it works with Apple Music

Could you, as a mitigation mechanism, add the option to have multiple users for Jellyfin in Infuse ?

This isn’t supported at this time but you can follow this thread for updates.

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Multiple people can log in to accounts on a single Apple TV, and you can set up your app so each member of a household can use it with their own Apple TV account. When a user logs in, your app can access their preferences and GameCenter and iCloud data . If your app is also available on iOS or iPadOS, a user can pick up where they left off on their personal device as well.

Cited from → Apple Developer Documentation

I don’t understand, Apple seem to say that all users have iCloud sync ? Am I misunderstanding something ?

Syncing with iCloud Drive is currently limited to a single user on the Apple TV, and that is the ‘Default’ user. However, if you’re using a media server like Jellyfin then there isn’t much need for syncing with iCloud.

To elaborate on my answer above, Infuse does not currently support the idea of multiple profiles in the app. This is something we have seen some interest for, and hope to explore for a future update. The thread linked above is the best place to keep an eye on for updates.

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