Apple TV loop playback

Loop is my favorite feature in Infuse on both iPhone and Mac, but surprisingly, it’s not available on Apple TV. It’s particularly handy when I use Infuse to listen to music. By the way, are you considering adding a music playback feature in future updates? Infuse on Apple TV sounds so incredible that no other app can even compare.

This piques my curiosity as to why Infuse on Apple TV sounds so amazing with Spatial Audio enabled, even better than when using the same AirPods Pro on a Mac or iPhone.

This is currently available! :slight_smile:

Just highlight a folder, category, series, etc… and hold down the play/pause button.

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Oops, I just found out now. It might be because I didn’t read the instructions carefully. Can I ask why the Apple TV version of Infuse has better audio performance?

They should all perform about the same, but I suppose Apple could add some extra magic on the Apple TV to match the big screen experience. :magic_wand:

Thank you for your reply. Have a great day!

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