Apple TV light rapidly flashing

So I bought a jail broken apple tv 2 from ebay since they don’t sell apple tv 2’s anymore in stores. When I hooked it up to my TV everything looked fine, except for the fact that I couldn’t connect to anything. Whenever I tried any of the applications, even netflix or youtube, it said that they couldn’t be accessed at the moment or something like that. I was connected to the internet and it was working fine so my network wasn’t the issue. XBMC or whatever said I needed to update it. Instead of doing that, I tried resetting the apple TV to factory settings and jailbreaking it all over again. When I tried to hit restore, it said that it couldn’t retrieve the apple update or something like that. I plugged it into my PC to try to reset it using iTunes but it didn’t recognize it. I then tried using seas0npass but in the middle of updating it after putting it into DFU mode, it said there was an error. I can’t recall if there was a number associated with it or not. Then itunes magically recognized it somehow. I tried resetting it using iTunes but after a while it just stops and says that there was an error 1611. Now the white light won’t stop rapidly blinking. Whenever I try to use seas0npass again, it gets stuck when it says waiting for apple tv to go into DFU mode. When I hook it up to my TV, it just shows the iTunes logo with a micro usb cord. How can I completely reset the apple tv? I’ve tried holding down the menu and down button. but nothing works.