Apple TV library on NAS

As a complete newbie I do have an issue…

On my NAS (Thecus N5200BR) I do have a few Terrabyte of Mediafiles.
On the NAS I have also installed Firefly which acts like a iTunes-Server. For my PC’s this works flawlessly,
though it does not work at the moment for my Apple TV. For at least my MP3’s and FLAC’s I would like to
use the standard Apple GUI.

A. Is there a change to modify the Apple TV (which has ATV Flash 3.4.4 installed) so that it cooperates with
the iTunes-Server (Firefly) on my NAS ?

B. If not, is there a change to store the Apple TV-Library on my NAS and let the Apple TV automatic mount to
it (have found a couple of descriptions how to move the library to a USB storage, but haven’t found any
description of how to move it to a NAS) ?

Thanks for your feedback

I have unfortunately no solution, but I am curious too if this is possible?