Apple TV Just showing Apple Logo



I tired Jailbreaking via Seasonpass, and idon’t know what went wrong,

all i know is now my Apple TV just shows the Apple logo on my TV.


When you try to get it to go in DFU mode holding Menu and Play/Pause for

7 seconds all it does is restart and shows the Apple logo again.


Its not showing up in iTunes either so i have no idea how to restore the software now.


Please help.




It sounds like you may be using an older version of Seas0nPass.

Can you double-check the version you are using?

If needed, the latest version can be found here.

im using the Windows version direct from that page

so i dont know whats gone wrong :frowning:

Can you check the actual version number?

The latest version for Windows is:

Version number is:

Will that other version fix my issue cos i cant get it to go into DFU mode, its worrying :confused:

Yes, it should. It's always a good idea to ensure you're running the latest version.