apple tv jailbreak problem

My apple tv 2nd gen crashed again after boot.  I see the apple logo and then after the logo disappears, nothing happens.   It was jailbroken with seas0npass.  I tried to recover it with my custom jailbreak and it didn’t work.  I deleted that file by mistake afterwards.  I tried downloading firmware build 8f202 and 8f191m and these don’t seem to work with itunes anymore.  If I try to recover trough itunes and update the apple tv, iTunes tells me it can’t find the software.  Indeed, when I try to download the current firmware build 8F305 from apple server itself, the file doesn’t seem to exist anymore, but that was working only a few days ago.  

Does anybody have any clue?  My hashes were not saved trough cydia, so an older version is no use in my case from what I understand

The ipsw is missing from apple´s homepage. Impossible to download. Does anybody know if there is an alternativ download location?


My aTv is stuck in restore mode. :confused: