Apple TV - is Disconnecting the Power a good idea ??

I am on my 2nd ATV the firstone Bricked on me I havd it plugged in 24/7 and after 5 months it stopped working. No Lights, Nothing. Luckly for Me it was still under warranty.

So I took it to my local Apple store and had no problem getting a new one. B)


As everyone knows the ATV's get REAL HOT :). and Even when they are in standby moe they are HOT! 

When I got my 2nd ATV home I also Purchsed a A/C Remote Control to Turn ON/Off The Power to the A/C Plug.  What I do now is put my ATV in standby mode then click the remote control to cut the power to the Unit.  Is this a good idea to extend the life of  my ATV ? or is this doing more  harm then good ?







You shouldn't have any issue just disconnecting the power, though if you are worried about it there is a 'shutdown' option located in nitoTV --> Settings --> Utilities.  Selecting this prior to powering off the AppleTV will do much more to protect the AppleTV than the standard 'standby' option.

You know I never really wient in to that screen. I didnt even know that was there.   I Tried it and it shuts it down, but the Green Light Stays ON.  Is that suppose to be like that ?



 Thanks for the info....



Yes, that's normal as it just does a'll still need to pull the plug to power off or restart the AppleTV.