Apple TV Infuse not updating folder.png images

I have changed some of them, they updated just fine on the Mac version of Infuse but the Apple TV version only updated about 2 out of around 10 custom folder posters (labelled folder.png). Is there any way to force this to happen (without resetting everything!)? Thanks.

You can do an “Edit Metadata” on the ones not updated and re-select the correct choice and that should cause it to rescan for artwork.

If it doesn’t, could you provide a screen cap of the directory for that series to show where you have the artwork and how it’s located in the overall structure for that series?

Based on what you said I went to look at the page “Overriding Artwork” again and now just saw the note about long-pressing on the folder. That way I can reset the artwork then navigate to the ‘poster.png’ file and select it and then it reads it properly. On Mac it automatically updates the image if the ‘poster.png’ changes or is replaced. I did not know about the long-press!

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