Apple TV Infuse App Slow (FTP/SFTP)

I recently started using the Infuse app to play 4K HDR shows on my Macbook Pro. This has been working great, but my use case has been limited to playing local files (Quicktime did not support .mkv files, and VLC does not have full HDR support).

However, I wanted to setup Infuse on my parents’ Apple TV connected to a network drive (over FTP) a few hundred miles away. After setting up the details in Infuse and running a speed test, I’m only getting a connection of ~4 Mbps. This is terrible especially for 4K HDR content.

I downloaded the Ookla Speedtest Apple TV app and ran a test there and I was getting 900 Mbps down/up (as expected). I also used the VLC app on Apple TV to stream the same content over FTP, and it was fine with no buffering (although I’m unsure of the speed since VLC has no speed test option).

What would cause this, and how can I debug the root cause? Thank you in advance!

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Remote streaming can be a challenge at times so first thing I’d suggest is to read the users guide and see if it hits any points you may have missed initially.

With FTP it could be as simple as the security settings for SFTP causing the reduced speeds but I’m not well versed in that so you may have to poke around a bit.

Thanks for the reply! The article linked is for setting up a fixed IP/streaming from a home. I already have the remote streaming service to work in general (it works completely fine for VLC). I realize I have a similar issue actually on my Macbook as well (even with a strong connection), it buffers a lot when playing files from a remote server. Is this a known issue?

What version of infuse are you running? What is the speed test locally using the same ftp connection?

Using TV OS 15.5.1 and Infuse 7.3.10 I experience for some time very slow FTP-connections. It’s not the play back itself, but the opening of both the root directories and the folders in them. Once the files in the directory are visable, starting a movie is fine.
Speed test are showing fast enough speeds; depending on the source (QNAP NAS or slower Busybox accesspoints with ftp-access): all speeds are above 30 Mbps, up to over 800. So the network is fine.
The problem is relatively new, as it did not hapen for about a year or so, neither with the previous version 6.

Is it the servers? No I don’t think so, as both the N-Player (iPhone) and 8Player Pro on both iPhone and Apple TV 4K are reading in all directories blazingly fast. (just half a second compared to up to 2 minutes for Infuse).

Clearing the Metadata didn’t solve the problem.

Any tips?

I’m experiencing the same issue trying to connect to my server via SFTP. Infuse speed test showed only ~4Mbps when I use SFTP. However, with the same server using WebDAV, speed test of the same file showed over 800Mbps. So there’s definitely something wrong with how infuse handles ftp/sftp connections.
I can also verify that 4k HDR content can not be played with infuse over a SFTP connection but plays smoothly with other players such as nplayer or VLC.

I did another test on my LAN and it showed the same result. Even with my mac connected straight to my NAS with 10GbE, infuse still won’t load things over SFTP any faster than 5Mbps. But with any other protocol like smb or WebDAV, I get speeds exceeding 9Gbps.

Tested with infuse version 7.4.3 on Mac OS 12.5.
The same problem can also be observed on iOS and iPad OS.

Pls fix this issue because I have multiple servers that I don’t want to setup WebDAV on although In the mean time WebDAV is the best alternative.