Apple TV Ignores USB Stick

I’ve been going at this off and on for the better part of a month with no success. My ultimate goal is to add external storage to my 40 Gb Apple TV.

I’m now using a recommended USB drive (Sandisk Cruzer 2.0 GB), completely erased through the Apple disk utility. Cleaned all previous aTV Flash downloads from the computer (iMac), downloaded the 4.0.2 version on the USB without incident, checked for updates on the Apple TV (it’s up to date), uplugged the Apple TV, plugged in the USB drive, plugged the Apple TV back in, and nothing. The Apple TV just boots up its regular menus. Tried several times with the same results. Suggestions?

I had exactly the same problem with 4.0.1. I created the flash drive ok but the ATV ignored it on startup.

After upgrading to 4.0.2 I can’t even get aTV Flash to open from my Apps folder. :frowning:

same problem here,apple tv ignores usb stick with atvflash 4.0.2,how many times should one try before giving up ;(

Please email us.