Apple TV IDE 44 PIN Cable?????

since my ATV was out of warranty, i decided to upgrade my harddrive.
But the worst scenario happened. the ide 2,5" cable is not working anymore.
Does anyone know where i can buy an ide cable that fits the Apple TV. A standard ide 2,5" 44 pin cable doesnt have the right connectors.



I’ve been searching online for you and couldn’t find anything…except for your other posts in other forums. :wink: I’ll keep looking.

thanks for looking around!
All i know is that the cable is from Foxconn! I searched for them but couldnt find the cable.


I just can’t believe they aren’t anywhere. I think I found one in the UK, but with the dollar being so bad, why pay a whole lot of money for a cable.

You found one in the UK? Thats not the problem, im located in Germany and the Euro is still pretty strong against the Pound.
Can you sent me the link??

You know what, I misread it. Sorry for getting you excited, I think if it came down to it, can you try using a little solder to reconnect a broken pin? How bad is the cable? The only other thing I can think of is buying a dead AppleTV from someone and using it for parts. Sorry. :frowning:

Ebay has nothing with regards to dead or broken apple tv’s… that I can find… was sure there would be some listed for parts…

It’s kinda scary how there aren’t any dead AppleTV’s that I can find. Maybe AppleTV is the computer with the least failure rate. I know mine has never had any hardware problems, only software glitches. Of course I still have AppleCare until January so I’m waiting to see what happens to it in February. :wink:

also scary is, that an big apple retailer is not able to repair it. they said Apple doesnt have any spare parts because the ATV is a full “Replacement unit”. If its dead and you have no warranty, you have to buy a new one.

only possible way to do it, is to cut the 2 left and right side of the connector on the ATV motherboard so that the standard ide 44pin cable will fit.

try this

Unfortunately the cable is 44-pin on one side and different on the other. Apple had the cable manufacturer make some special cable for the Apple TV. Apple has quite a history of that too. :cry: