apple tv help

hi does anyone know how to add microsoft silverlight on the apple tv so i can watch greek tv channel
i’ve installed atv flash 4.14 and followed everystep perfectlly and im on version 3.02 with my apple tv
i have the firefox and couch surfer and nitro tv etc. and did install flash and that other thing forget whats its called
and but when i surf the internet and go to my site for greek tv and all i see it asking to install microsoft silverlight
and an icon of a box but it doesnt do anything

If you install Flip4Mac - Maintenance, Install Extras, this should install Silverlight, although this didn’t work for me with some sites, it still prompted to install Silverlight. The way I got it working in the end was by following the steps here:

hi thanks for your reply um do i need to have a macintosh computer in order to transfer these files.
i’m using windows xp since i dont have apple. and im using putty and winscp
i have tried downloading the coreaudiokit frame work which it was 92kb in size
and extracted to a coreaudiokit folder on my desktop then using winscp to transfer the files to the apple tv
but it always gives me an error and wont transfrer the files
by any chance would u be apple to upload the coreaudiokit framework files u have onto here?