Apple TV (HD) - 4K movie stutter

I am using the 4th generation of Apple TV (HD) with the latest version of Infuse.
I tried playing several 4K movies on it with a full HD TV (Samsung - UE37D5000PW) and the movies are stuttering.

I am using wifi and the movies are 4K light so not big enough to tell that wifi is involved in the issue.
These movies are up to 5Go and I’ve already read a 1080p movie of 30Go without any stutter issue.
The sound is ok, movies are in 10 bits and h265, everything seems to be ok.

Do you think this issue is coming from :

  • Apple TV cause it is not the 4K one?
  • Infuse itself?
  • I don’t think that HDMI cable is involved…

Thanks for your help.

The Apple TV HD does not have enough power to decode 4K content.


Specifically the 4th gen Apple TV does not have hardware decoding for h265 so it is done with software. The bit rate for 4K content is too high for it to keep up with decoding. The 4K Apple TV does have hardware decoding and would have no problem playing back any 4K content.

Thanks, both for your answers.
I will wait for the next version of Apple TV (hopefully this year).

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