Apple TV HD 4 gen and 4k files


I’ve recently purchased a second hand ATV HD 4 gen (A1625), but not sure about it’s capabilities.

I’ve got a library of about 700 files, lots of them are 4K and they play fine in another ATV 4k first gen with Infuse.

The problem comes with the ATV A1625. When I try to play any of this 4k files it show a pair of frames and suddenly stop. I’ve try with Ethernet (100mbits/s) and WiFi ( +300mbits/s) but it doesn’t be improved. I’m not trying to play this files in 4k, I’m specting that the files are downscaled to 1080p. But not sure if is a configuration problem or it’s a CPU bottleneck.

I’ve got the PRO license. My diagnostic code is W2YVN.

Thanks in advance!

I think your out of luck for 4K video.

Infuse doesn’t downscale and the ATV HD processor is getting long in the tooth.

And it’s HDMI 1.4 so not really made for 4K.

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Thanks for your response.

I’ve investigating and appears that more than a downscaling problem is that the A8 processor doesn’t support HECV acceleration decoding and simply this model doesn’t have enough power to decode via software.

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