Apple TV has trouble getting (meta)data from online server (WebDAV)

I have two Apple TV 4’s. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. They both use the newest version of Infuse (Pro).
The one in the living room has no trouble of getting data from my online serverspace (Stack).
But for the one in the bedroom it takes ages to get the data from the server. Sometimes it keep loading without any result.
Any idea what could be the problem?

How is each connected to the network? wifi or Ethernet?

Livingroom is on ethernet, bedroom on a 5Ghz network. WiFi speed is the same as ethernet.

While technically the speeds should be similar, real world RF connections can vary from second to second and cause errors. Two things to try and see where the issue is.

First, the 5Ghz band is typically shorter range that the 2.4 so you could try the 2.4 band. Just because you connect to the 5Ghz band doesn’t guarantee an "AC"speed connection, it can vary in speeds in fractions of a second where a speed test like Ookla speed test app wouldn’t necessarily show that.

Second, just as a troubleshooting measure, try connecting the bedroom via an Ethernet cable.

If neither has a positive impact then it’s time to start digging down in the settings and looking for the differences both in the ATV settings as well as in Infuse. Another possibility is in the WiFi router not prioritizing correctly for the wireless connection.