Apple tv // google drive sync questions

Hey everyone,
I started messing around with infuse about a week and a half ago on my macbook to replace plex and I was so happy with it, I bought a new apple tv 4k just for infuse.

However, I added my google drive share to infuse on the ios app, enabled icloud, and it doesn’t seem to ever fully sync or finish or upload to icloud or something. It took a few days originally and would stop sometimes for a day at a time or so [assuming it was an api ban] and say ‘fetching content for my google drive’ and never actually do anything, and when i tried to download a file directly on my google drive account it would give me an error and say maximum download try again later.

I don’t have that error anymore, and infuse on my iPhone says "9180 movies, 95182 tv episodes, and 9283 other’. I have enabled icloud on both iOS and apple tv and it’s signed in on both with the pro subscription, but it never seems to complete even if i leave my phone screen on the infuse app for a day, and , the one time it did seem to finally complete, my apple tv still didn’t pick anything up. If i click scan for changes on the apple tv, it’ll say last updated [the current time], but has no shares or data. If I check my icloud usage, it does show some 400mb or so for infuse, although it’s significantly less than the 10gb usage it shows on the ios app for metadata [not sure if these numbers are suppose to match]. I do still have significant free space on my icloud.

Currently when i open infuse on iOS it’ll say fetching content for my google drive but never does anything or moves past that, on my google drive i can download files and don’t seem to be api banned, but on the apple tv it’ll refresh and show no content.

I spent a lot of time reading all the guides, and searching posts on this forum and thought I understood what I needed to do, but can’t seem to get it to work. It’s kind of frustrating to me since I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and bought a new apple tv just for infuse and can’t figure out how to get it to work, so really hoping someone can tell me what I am doing wrong or point me in the direction of some resource that could help, thanks so much.

7.3.5 added some google drive improvements. Have you updated all your devices?

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If I can chime in here…I’m on a similar path.
Aiming to replace Plex with Infuse mounted directly to Google storage.

It has had issues and as @munpip214 mentioned making sure that you’re running latest Infuse is crucial (to avoid API bans on Google.)

However in this particular case the other files you see are purely down to Infuse having no idea what those files are.

Plex can aggregate info from tvdb, tmdb and IMDb.

Infuse really doesn’t know what something is unless it’s on TMDB (yes even for TV shows.)

If for example you have a TV show named in a Plex friendly way it’s all good in Plex. Sadly if that particular show has never been added to tmdb then you may need to manually tell Infuse what that show is. (Browse to an unmatched episode in other and long press and tell Infuse what it is via edit metadata and that should match every episode of that show from what I have seen in the past. If it cannot find anything then almost certainly it doesn’t exist in TMDB)

Disclaimer… I’m kind of new to this myself so if I’m not 100% accurate then I apologise.

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Thanks so much guys @munpip214 and @Hitsville . I updated my app on iOS and literally within MINUTES the apple tv picked up the google share, I feel dumb out of all the far out things I tried I never thought to do that, so thank you guys so much for suggesting that.

Per @Hitsville sounds like we have a similiar scenario and that info helps me a lot, I wasn’t exactly sure what the “other” was and I guess because it was stuck on “fetching content for my google drive” for so long I figured that all the “other” files were files that still had to be indexed.

I looked at some of the files and some of them are so awfully named, I’m not sure ANY service could pick them up lol, they have titles like “s01e01” with no other data even saying the name of the show, so that all makes sense.

Thank you guys so much for helping me to figure this out, infuse is working perfectly now on apple TV and has indexed all of over 100,000 files // 350tb of data in only about 6 hours. Really excited to be able to use infuse and directly read files from google drive and also have a really nice user friendly interface; I have looked for something like this for quite a while and wasn’t aware infuse existed till about 2 weeks ago. I do not like how plex has to share the data from a server rather than direct read it from google, and I have used kodi in the past to read files directly from google drive but the interface for me anyway was so bad and it was an absolute nightmare trying to get kodi to index anything. Cheers guys!


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