Apple TV generation 1 - with NETFLIX and HULU !!!!

Well you people. I was able to get Netflix running on my Generation 1 Apple TV. They said it could not be done, but it is working great.

Only catch is:

You have to use PLAYON to make it work. And you will play NETFLIX via the PLAYON software running on the main house server.

PLAYON sets up a server on your main computer that transcodes-translates the incoming NETFLIX stream into a DLNA or UPnP stream.

Then your APPLE TV Generation 1 can use that play via XBMC (latest version) running on the APPLE TV.

It runs nice. No issues. No problems.

just that XBMC keeps crashing after starting a movie playing, within five minutes

Seems to now be working with an adjustment to PLAYON

Just have to change VIDEO PERFORMANCE to the medium settings.

seems to now work fine. but will be testing XBMC play back further.

just glad I can play NETFLIX and HULU and several other video sources via my APPLE TV Generation 1.


I was wondering if anyone could please give instructions on how to install and set up on AppleTV. I have a 1st generation AppleTV and would like to be able to use Netflix & Hulu on it but I just don’t know where to start. Lastly does this get in the way of using the regular AppleTV features, in other words does the appleTV look the same as it would without installing these two software’s?



I’m getting close to trying playon - i tried the 15 day trial or whatever it was but I think i did that on the Wii or PS3?  Anyhow - does anyone in Canada have Hulu via Playon running.  Thats my main reason for wanting it - but I’m not sure if I understand how to get around the region restrictions.  Would I have to use hotspotshield on my PC where playon is running or run it on the ATV (or am I totally missing the mark completely?)  One other question, playon to PS3 or Wii I think seemed to suck up a lot of memory from my PC.  Is that similar with the ATV or is that platform related only?