Apple TV external USB HD in Mac finder - how ?


Can someone help me, please ?

How can Finder see an external hard drive connected to my Apple TV USB port ?

ps: ATV 2.2


Hiii…any help ??

We have a guide for enabling AFP and USB at:

But I have atv 2.2
Is it going to work ?
Should i use Option 1 in that guide ?


Yes, you would use option 1.

And what do i have to do in Finder ?
Connect to server? What address ?

ps: just to clarify:
I have a 500GB USB HardDrive connected to my Apple TV, which I would like to connect via Finder.
So I can transfer download movies from my iMac directly to it (copy/paste).
Is option 1 the way to do it ?

Atv ver 2.2

Just to add:
I’m already able to see the HD on my AppleTV…
I just need to see it in Finder on my iMac…


Or, in the case, it’s impossible, maybe to FTP to this external Hard disk…

But how make cyberduck see this external hard drive ?

You will have a link to the external drive in the Movies folder when viewed through Cyberduck. This allows you to transfer files to your external drive via FTP.

I’m in the same situation. I can see ATV in cyberduck but cant find the the usb drive

How to Access External USB HDD in Cyberduck

1: Open CyberDuck
2: Create New Bookmark with the following information

Nickname: ATV USB HDD (or whatever nickname you want)
Protocall: SFTP (CHoose this from drop down menu)
Server: appletv.local
Port: 22
username: frontrow
Path: /mnt/Scratch
Encoding: default
Do not check “Use PUblic Key Authentication”
Download Folder: Choose a folder to download to, just choose “downloads” or something (this option is if you want to copy files off your HDD and onto your mac, so choose anything)

then the bookmark should be saved and you should be able to open it up and access your atv at /mnt/scratch.
Your external usb hard drive will be under “Volumes”.

HOpe this works

Hi i did all this setup but still this kind of file transfer is too slow! does anyone knows a faster way to do it like drag and drop directly to my external HDD?