Apple TV DTS-HD 2 channel Stereo

How does infuse handle DTS-HD stereo

My receiver says stereo on Apple TV but Nivida Shield shows DTS-HD

Am I missing anything on the Apple TV

Apple TV will convert to PCM while shield will bitstream so you will see DTS on your receiver. But no worries, infuse is just pre decoding the audio and there is no loss in quality. The only limitation is with DTS:X or TrueHD Atmos which you find on 4K Blu-ray’s.

What about regular TrueHD not using Atmos

Infuse Will convert that to a lossless multi channel PCM signal which is identical to original bitstream

Correct. Your receiver will say PCM, but this should be multi-channel and match the channel count of the audio track in your video file.

Some video files will have multiple auto tracks, so if you are seeing stereo output you will want to check and ensure a multi-channel audio track is selected. This can be done through the Audio tab of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Some general info on the audio options available on the Apple TV can be found here.