Apple TV DTS/DOLBY and a soundbar

OK, so I’m pretty new to this all Infuse/Plex apps that you can use on Apple TV. I’ve tried both of them and decided to stick with Infuse for many reasons…

The only problem I seem to have with both these apps are the fact that my soundbar can’t seem to decode the audio signal properly. As far as it goes, it only receives PCM and nothing else. So when I play a DD5.1 movie, I only get a 2 channel signal through PCM and that’s it… I have tried messing with the settings on the app or on the Apple TV but nothing works…

I have a 55h6400 as a TV and a HW-H750 as a soundbar, connected using the arc system.

I apologise for my english must be hard to read (French man), but if you can be of any help, it would be much appreciated!

Often times soundbars will support Dolby, but not DTS or other formats - and sometimes the Apple TV has trouble detecting the formats supported by your particular model.

In your case, I would recommend leaving Infuse’s ‘Audio Output’ setting set to ‘Auto’, but changing the Apple TV’s Apple TV > Settings Audio and Video > Surround Sound to ‘Dolby Digital 5.1’. Doing this will cause Infuse to send all audio as Dolby 5.1, which may give you better results.

My soundbar does support DTS, I’ve never had any issues before using the hard drive plugin directly to the TV, DD 5.1 and DTS were working fine.

I think I’ve tried the settings you have recommended before and was getting no sound at all, might need to give it another shot.

You might also try connecting the soundbar directly to the Apple TV (if possible). Sometimes audio won’t pass through correctly when a TV is connected in the middle. Your TV may have a setting for this as well.

Also, a bit more info on the various setting combos you can use on the Apple TV can be found here. Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore