Apple tv don`t show the content on the NAS??

I have installed the latest Seas0npass and atv flash 2.2 for my 2nd get apple tv.
When i want to add my D-link NAS, add to library, it finds the NAS but when i look in the library nothing is shown.
No movies, no folders nothing.

Before when i added the NAS in previous versions i saw the folders that was on it.
If i connect to the NAS via my windows laptop i can browse and see the folders and movies that are on it.

I can even find the NAS and play the movies on my bluray player via DLNA.
On it i can browse the folder as it should be.

Wy does my apple tv find the nas, but not the folders or movies on it?
It was like this on 2.1 as well so i tried to reset and install the new version.
Even setup the NAS from the beginning.
I dont see the NAS as the problem when i can list and view things from it from other devices.

Please assist in this when i want my apple 2 to work again. 

It sounds like it may be related to a permissions issue. Are you using a username and password to connect from the Apple TV to the NAS?