Apple TV doesn't recognized my USB key or hard drive

Hi everybody,

I’ve installed NitoTV Installer on my Apple TV. I have a USB key (Fat 32) and an 2.5 external hard drive (Mac OSX). I’ve uploaded movies on both… but the AppleTV doesn’t recognize my devices. I don’t even know if it can see them.

What am I doing wrong ? Any advices ? Thxs

Has the Smart Installer been ran?

Hi Guardianmax,

Yes, I ran the Nito Smart Installer. But still, I can’t access my files. What am I supposed to do ?


I had the same problem. I also ran Nito installer. After many long nights, the only way to get the apple Tv is “see” the Usb hard drive is to reboot the apple Tv. Turn on the Usb hard drive, than plug it in. I am not sure if this is the best way to do this but it worked.( Hard drive was Mac OSX)

Good luck

Some drives prefer to be connected AFTER the AppleTV is powered on. You may try this to see if it resolves your issue.