Apple TV doesn't react on remote ...

Since installing ATV Flash i have a strange problem.
Occasionally my ATV doesn’t react on any remote (the standard one, nor the iPhone & ipod touch).
This is what happens :

  • i choose the HDMI channel on my JVC tv
  • before installing ATV Flash i immediately saw the ATV playing
  • now i see the ATV playing for one second and then nothing more
  • after this the ATV occasionally reacts on any of the remotes
  • if not, and it happens often the last days, the ATV doesn’t react at all and i have to reboot
  • after reboot it works fine until the next time

Before i completely remove ATV Flash too see if that solves the problem i hope that there’s a better/easier solution.


I saw your topic, i have the same problem, do you have a solution in the meantime?


Your remote probably just needs to be be ‘un-paired’.