apple tv does not boot

Have been using Atv Flash for over a year without any problems till now.

Haven’t upgraded to the new versions.

Tried to mount my Time Capsule thru Nito Tv and since then my Apple Tv does not boot.

have run diagnostics a couple of time and it says apple tv is working Ok. But it does not Boot Up.

The error it shows is "in /BSD (AppleTV.local) (console)

Can’t afford to reset apple tv to factory settings since it would delete all my movies on Apple tv hard drive.

Please help, am bit desperate. :?:

This should get you back on track.

Thanks for replying

Have deleted the mediaplist , mount etc thru Cyberduck…but no joy. I still just can’t get Apple Tv to start, when i run Diagnostics it’s say Apple Tv ok

and if I restore Factory settings then all the movies I have stored about 40 of them will be deleted.

Also will have to reinstall Flash Tv again.

Please suggest a way out.