Apple TV crashing when using Infuse 4 Pro

Hello there,
I am facing a problem when using Infuse on my new Apple TV 4 ; the Apple TV crashes (apparently) randomly and tries to reboot but it sometimes fails with no signal on TV and a rapidly blinking led on the Apple TV. The only way to stop it is to remove the power cord. After some time, it boots OK … until the next crash.
I already restored my Apple TV and only reinstalled Infuse, but same problem again! And this time, it refuses to boot up.
I ordered a USB-C cable to plug it to iTunes but haven’t received it yet.
Anybody out there with the same behavior?
I do not know whether the problem comes from my Apple TV or from Infuse since it ONLY appears when Infuse is running and I did not have had enough time to play around with applications or else …
Any help will be appreciated.

Odd issue. I ran the regular version with Pro as in-app purchase, also the orignal Infuse Pro version, and currently all beta’s on Apple TV, never experienced anything like this. When your USB-C cable shows up, try restoring via iTunes, maybe that helps.

Thanx for the reply. Is a restoration made from iTunes with a USB-C cable any different from one made directly from the Apple TV? Because the one made from the Apple TV did not make any difference…
I am puzzled since there does not seem to be any other report of Apple TV 4 crashing while running Infuse 4. Maybe a hardware problem on my Apple TV???

Hi, almost same issue here. It is actually infuse share which disconnects.
Latest infuse version and ATV4, it works , then suddenly disconnects.

Any help or comments appreciated !