Apple TV can't connect (physically) to Time Capsule

I can’t attach my time capsule to my apple tv physically by USB or Ethernet. It simply won’t work, and wireless isn’t fast enough to stream movies from the TC, which does work. It seems USB just doesn’t work, unless someone can help, and Ethernet will only work and allow ATV an internet connection, if TC is wired to the main network router, which it isn’t and can’t be as the router would then need to be by the TV where there is no telephone socket…and I’m not watching TV in the hall.

Can someone help, or is it impossible?

You will be able to stream from your Time Capsule by setting up a Manual Share Point in the nitoTV > Network menu. This requires the Time Capsule and AppleTV to be on the same network (via Ethernet or wifi).

We have a guide for setting this up here: