Apple TV cannot fast forward when playing 4K m2ts

Noticed a weird bug when trying to play a 4K m2ts file:

When first playing it, the player shows that it’s already at the end of the playtime thus unable to fast forward.
However, rewind also does not work since the video is playing from the beginning so there is nothing to rewind backward to.

When pausing the video, the player shows the video is 20+ hour long when it should be 4.

Playing the same file on PC using other players does not present this issue.

Did a simple conversion to MKV and the issue went away. So it seems the bug is related to m2ts specifically.

It would help to know what device and what number version of Infuse and OS version.

Also you may want duplicate the problem again and then send in a diagnostics report from the settings and post the 5 digit code here in the thread.

Maybe a screen print showing the timebar?

It could be a file-specific issue, and converting it to another format may correct the issue that was present in the original file.

If you’re in the mood to upload the m2ts file we can take a look here.

On the latest version of Infuse pro 7 and ATV OS. I vaguely remember playing the same file couple weeks ago but not sure if I tried fast forwarding then.

Unfortunately the file size is too big and I don’t have the bandwidth for such an upload. It might be a file-specific issue given other m2ts files play fine.

Regardless, I am satisfied with the file conversion workaround for now.

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