Apple TV cannot be found on installation

ATV2 4.4.4 jailbroken with Seasonpass - have installed XBMC and NITO fine

Purchased ATV Flash Black

During installation it cannot find my apple TV - saying  no AppleTV devices can be found

I’ve got home sharing and AirPlay turned on

I’ve seen other threads on this but with no answer, is there a solution or should I be looking for a refund?



I have the same issue on my Apple TV V2 firmware 4.4.4
The Apple TV is jailbroken with Seasonpass and NITO is installed.
But on my MAC i cant choose for the Apple TV only the MACs hardsdrive, ITUNES find the Apple TV without any problem.

Who can help?



Have solved this now.


Airplay was enabled but when looking on my ipad it actually want working,(no airplay icon showing up) several reboots of my router later I managed to get airplay working and then the install worked fine…