Apple TV buffering constantly

Hello everyone. The past two days I’ve been experiencing a constant buffer on infuse ATV4k.

The video file never loads. Why internet is good and has never been an issue before. My friend who lives in a different house is having the exact same problem (both streaming from GDRIVE).

However it loads perfectly on my iPhone, iPad & MacOS Alpha.

If anyone can help me out here that would be amazing!

If you and your friend are both having issues with buffering files from Gdrive it’s most likely an issue with their servers or they are throttling speeds to balance loads on their servers.

But if they’re throttling speeds why does it work on my other devices??

But if they’re throttling speeds why does it work on my other devices??

Would you be suggesting they’re throttling everyone or just my GD

It could be a temporary ban on your account too depending on what Google has seen for activity for your account. I know Firecore is looking into this and you may want to read through this thread.

If it totally fails to load for more than 24 hours there may be another issue.

Are you seeing “buffering” where the video starts and stops while loading more, or are you seeing a failure to load the video at all where the video never starts and you get an error?

Im seeing a black screen with the buffering circle. the video never starts but also doesn’t give me the error

Can you try running a speed test for the Google Drive share on Apple TV?

Infuse > Settings > Shares > Google Drive > Speed Test

I’ve done a speed test averaging 19mbps