Apple TV broke after update

I purchased ATV Flash about a month ago. I used it to enable USB storage, where I have about 300 GB of media on a 500 GB external drive.

Last night I took the plunge and updated my Apple TV to 3.0. I did this by first enabling updates (I had disabled them as recommended when I first applied ATV Flash). I left the update process to run over night because it wanted to take about an hour and I was ready for bed.

This morning, when I came to the Apple TV it was displaying the Apple-provided pictures as a screen saver. I clicked with the remote and it said something about HDCP not being enabled, and then the screen went black. Then after a minute or so, the pictures started displaying again. No menus displayed when clicking the remote.

I powered down the Apple TV and inserted the version 4.0 patchstick and powered it on. It went through the install process and said it ran successfully. I powered the Apple TV off, removed the patchstick, then powered on again. It booted, then rebooted, as expected. Then it went to a black screen. Then after a minute or two, it started displaying the screensaver pictures. Anytime I press the menu or play button on the remote, it just goes to a black screen (no menu). Then, after a minute or two it returns to screen saver again. At no time can I ever get to a menu.

Any idea what’s going on and how to fix this? Do I need to go back to the previous 2.x Apple TV software? Is it even possible to do this?

Currently I’m stuck watching pictures of flowers.

Thanks in advance for any help.

after redoing the process 3 times i gave up and restored factory settings. i updated to 3.0, re-synced all my stuff and now all is fine. i will not be installing aTVFlash 4.0 until it is fixed and fully functioning.

Same problem here. How do I restore the factory settings?

I had problems too with the install after updating to 3.0.

It got stuck in a boot loop where it would display the apple logo for about 3-5 seconds and then it would flash off and on and display for 3-5 seconds etc etc.
It never gets out of this loop. This happens after the reboot when you have done the atvflash 4.0 install and removed the stick.

I tried a few different things like powering on and off a few times and going into recovery, running diagnostics and finally I just gave up and did a factory reset.

Now I’m back on AppleTV 3.0 and not installing ATVFlash again until I can see some stability. Very dissapointing…

To reset simply hold the ‘menu’ and ‘’-" button down at the same time for 6 seconds. It will reboot in recovery mode.

Same deal here… After a seemingly “good” update to aTV 3.0, followed by an equally seemingly “good” aTV Flash 4.0 update, the aTV went into a restart cycle mode. I had to restore to basic, then update to 3.0. All my aTV Flash stuff is still “on there somewhere” , I guess.

I tried the entire cycle twice with the same results, by the way. Something wrong with the aTV Flash update.

Found the problem…

As posted by the Staff numerous places, you MUST NOT simply overwrite your old aTV Flash folder with the new one. You MUST completely delete the old folder and start afresh with your new download. I have no idea why the overwriting screws this up, but it does…

i did all that and mine still gets stuck in a loop. i will wait for a fully functioning update. i like to use the internet on my ATV, when that function is available i will try again. i have wasted too much time on this problem already.

FWIW: I did a factory restore on mine. Got it up to OS 3.0, then re-installed the latest aTV Flash and it is working again.

Same exact problem…starting to regret spending $50 on this software. Between the NitoTV stuttering during DVD playback and the fact that i will now be forced to factory reset my ATV, this is more trouble than its worth.

Mine has started showing this symptom. But not after an update - has been working fine… Then today iTunes reported the hard drive (external) as empty, went to the device and the content was there - thought I’d reboot - and not just apple startup animation -> Blank Screen -> Screensaver…

If getting this to work with an external drive wasn’t such a PITA I wouldn’t worry so much but I tend to spend a good 3+ hours on it before it randomly decides that after this reset to factory - upgrade to lated - install AVTFlash - change to external drive - it works… It is hammering my allowed download limits!!! And then there is the 24 hours while it resyncs…

Any ideas! Can we resolve this?

With the blank screen situation and/or an unresponsive remote, are you guys connecting yr Apple TV to your monitor with HDMI cables?
If yr getting the blank screen and you have tried to do resets with the 2 buttons on yr remote, you may have mistakenly unpaired yr remote, which will make the Apple TV seem unresponsive.
What may have happened is that yr Apple TV may not be able to display the current video format/resoulution when connected via HDMI. Reconnect the 3 RGB Component cables, re-pair yr remote, go thru the update process and see if everything is then working/displaying. Then reconnect via HDMI and reset screen resolution.